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Extras and accesories post surgery

Extras and accesories post surgery

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Short Style Body With Perineal Opening Provides Comfort, Freshness and Isolation of the Skin. Underwear, Under Girdle, Body Suit, Bodysuit  Specially  Designed for Post Surgery and Daily Use YOU SHULD CHOOSE ONE SIZE SMALLER THAN...


Aceite Rosa Mosqueta 


Dietary suplement  Suplemento dietario


Gel frío de algas marinas


Ideal after applying the cold gel, caffeine gel or seaweed gel. For better result use the latex waist trainer after.   Papel osmótico. Ideal para usar después de los masajes con gel frío, de cafeína...


Cold gel size reducer Gel frio reductor de medidas 


Hot reducing gel, anti stretch marks and anti cellulite Gel reductor caliente, anti estrias y anti celulitis 


Conformador Umbilical Conico


2 Hooks Extensions Extensiones de 2 Hooks  Package Comes With Two


Extra-Large Anatomical Board with Waist Protector


Anatomical Abdominal Molder


Small Lumbar Back Pad


Lumbar Foam Molder Tabla Moldeadora Lumbar

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