Faja D’Prada / Delié 11044 – Maternal Boxer Girdle, Braless with Suspenders


Maternal Boxer Girdle, Braless with Suspenders



Maternal body garment, braless and hip hugger. The maternal line is designed to give the mother all comfort and security that she needs during the gestation process. These benefits include: 1. Elastic materials that adapt to the growth of the belly 2. It prevents pain and swelling of the feet by providing a support in the lower abdomen that will help you to support the weight of the belly 3. It is recommended to use after the 25th-30th week of pregnancy 4. It adapts to mother’s movements 5. Prevents low back pain 6. Our fabrics contain Viveltex, a set of active components that provide nutrition and hydration to the skin, which prevent the formation of stretch marks. You will recognize VivelTex by its characteristic smell which can last up to its 20th wash. Cosmacol EMI: Has highly moisturizing properties, helping to repair skin damage. Ginkgo Bilboa: Recognized for its ability to produce and regenerate the collagen of the skin, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and carries an antioxidant effect. Vitamin E: Contributes to the skin in its natural regenerative process, in both scarring and the reduction of inflammation. Seaweed: Improves lymphatic and blood circulation, contributes to fat removal and the reduction of body sizes. IMPORTANT: Consult your doctor prior to the use of this item.

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