Belleza Femenina is a Miami based Faja Colombiana retail/wholesale store that provides clients with a large variety of Colombian Shapewear/Faja
Belleza Femenina is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of Colombian Shapewear based in Miami, FL for 14 years and we welcome all new customers interested in working with us. For wholesale customers we offer a wide variety of products from the highest quality 100% Colombian brands including Ann Chery, BF, Vedette, Diane & Geordy , M&D, Diseño de Prada, Cocoon, Tecnomed and much more. We receive shipments weekly to make sure that our customers get what they are looking for.

If there is an occasion in which an order may not be filled due to the high demand of our products, we offer the client the same product in any of our other excellent brands. If you are interested in working with us you can contact us directly at info@bfshapewear.com , at our store (305)-269-1986 or Via WhatsApp at 305-300-6539.

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